What is it?

Say Hello to CloudTen. Super sleek. Super fast. Super simple to use. It is packed with engineering and style. Something that other Flight Information Display Systems are definitely missing.


With so much going on at the airport, you need a simple way to inform your patrons with flight information changes. This elegant FIDS solution was developed for small to medium size airports.

Flight Display

Keep your patrons informed about flight changes in the most beautiful way. They are going to love its clean design, high resolution and subtle transitions. Add that extra touch and personalise displays with your airport logo. Configure as many displays as you need. It is so easy, you can do it your self any time you need a new display.


This part of CloudTen is truly magical. It will allow you to manage flight schedule, change flight status and estimated times. Even with very busy flights schedule, you are able at glance to see the state of all of them. We made it so simple to use, you'll wish flights change every few seconds.


If your airport is large enough to have departure gates, you can allocate flights to these at any time. Configured gate displays will show assigned flight details. Color coding can be used to emphasise flight status. When the flight had finally departed and it is deallocated, gate display will automatically show other departure flights.

Web Publish

When it comes to showing flight information outside of your airport, CloudTen automatically publishes all of it on your website. It will do this only if there are changes for publishing. Otherwise it will wait, avoiding any unnecesarry network traffic. Flights are also published on our website so you can use it if you do not have yours.


This baby does not drop a heart beat. It runs on Microsoft framework that is built for high performance and high availability. Even in the case that you were experiencing any type of connectivity issues, CloudTen will gracefully inform patrons and staff, and reconnect automatically when issue is resolved.

Multi-user System

Finally, CloudTen is designed to be used by multiple airport staff at the same time if necessary. Typically this could be personnel from different airline carriers. Any change they make will be propagated to others keeping everyone in sync.

Simple Installation

This type of installation allows lots of freedom in customisation. Central point being Web Server feeds all displays and flight management consoles. You can run as many displays as you need. Each display would require one low cost computer. Flight Management consoles are optional as the flights can be managed on the web server itself.

Really Simple Installation

This minimal installation is perfect start for small airports. It only needs one computer running a Web Server and another low cost computer connected to a display. So, stop using your public announcement system, emails, SMS and other useless systems to pulish your flight changes. Instead, start today with this simple setup.

Broome International Airport
Ally Morvan - Customer Service Team Leader
We are extremely happy with the efficiency of the system and the presentation, It looks fantastic! Also, our least computer savvy staff members have commented on the ease of operating the system. It really meets the needs of our business and has exceed my expectations!
Geraldton Airport
Bob Urquhart - Geraldton Airport Manager
I am pleased to tell all my fellow Airport Managers about this system.
Des Hill - Midwest Regional Manager
I congratulate you on the excellent job you have done with the Flight Information Display.

We hope you too will take CloudTen for a spin.